21 april 2003 berlin

i went looking for a great picture. i visited here, and found none, but got a bunch of good ones instead. sankt-georg cemetary is in prenzlauerberg between prenzlauer allée and greifswalderstraβe, just north of am friedrichshain. it is fairly delapidated, with a few well-maintained graves. interestingly, the small, closely clustered graves were by and large very well maintained, whereas the large, elaborate graves were falling to pieces. i guess caring is a greater motivator than money, and at least in this graveyard, they seem mutually exclusive.

one family's name was "ende", which means "end". their memorial read "family end". oddly appropriate.

the pile of broken gravestones make you think twice about investing too much in something like this. i wonder if they plan to re-erect them, or if they just get ditched somewhere, or left here. i suppose if you maintain your family's grave, it won't come to this kind of end.