Carsten Whimster Berlin, Germany

Objective Developing cutting-edge computer graphics software
Skills Tools/Languages: C/C++, Vim, MSDev, CVD...
Renderers: mental ray, OpenGL...
Operating Systems: Windows, Irix, Linux...
and much more... please ask.
Employment mental images GmbH, November 2001 to Present
Senior Graphics Software Engineer, Rendering Core
• coded mental ray 3.x hair renderer and shader
• made the BSP tree capable of flushing and rebuilding branches
• reduced memory fragmentation by a factor of ten
• rewrote memory alllocation to recover from allocation failures
• managed development relationship with Softimage
• heavily involved in work with ESC F/X on The Matrix 2 and 3
• wrote mi_raster_unit() giving shaders view dependence info
• implemented separate 4-channel opacity colour for compositing
• sped up "rapid motion" motion blur by a factor of up to fifteen

Softimage Co., June 1999 to October 2001
Software Design Engineer, Rendering Team, Softimage|XSI
• finalised XSI mental ray 2.1 integration
• designed and implemented XSI UI widget
• integrated mental ray 3.0 and 3.1
• worked with partners to define new functionality
• developed automated testing and procedures

Professor Oldford, University of Waterloo, 1996/97
Statistics Application Programmer
• worked on extensible graphical statistics program
• troubleshot and updated Postscript output code
• implemented cubic spline smoothing routines

Education Honours Bachelor of Mathematics, Computer Science
University of Waterloo, Graduated with Distinction April 1999

CS 788: Topics in Computer Graphics: Rendering
CS 679: Splines and Their Use in Computer Graphics
CS 488: An Introduction to Computer Graphics
CS 486: An Introduction to Artificial Inteligence
Languages English: fluent; Danish and German: very good; French: usable.
Interests Photography, drawing, writing, bicycling, programming.